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Horology & Jewellery


Tradition, skills and excellence in handcrafting, creativity and the highest quality materials: these are the values that have always been central to Buccellati, a long-established family firm that creates Italian-designed jewellery and which has preserved its stylistic identity for a century by reviving centuries-old goldsmithing traditions in the top end of the jewellery market.

Collection Opera

Buccellati has extended its range with the new Opera collection of jewellery, whose elegant but refreshingly young design possesses all the house’s distinctive characteristics and traditions.

Opera is inspired by Italian Renaissance culture: the ideal of absolute symmetry as expressed by the flower, which is both its symbol and a recurring motif, and the typical repetition of a decorative motif to create pleasing visual effects. This makes Opera a work of art, like the rest of Buccellati’s production, whose origins can be found in the Renaissance masterpieces scattered all over Italy.

The collection’s floral motif is inspired by the house’s logo, which is an explicit reference to the dome of the church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane in Rome, viewed from below, but also to the rose window above the main entrance of Roccolo Castle in Busca, and the decorations on top of the columns of the Doge’s Palace in Venice. It thus draws on the artistic styles that are Buccellati’s greatest source of inspiration, from Renaissance to Venetian Gothic, with a nod to Neo-Medieval. Each decorative motif encapsulates a series of touching historical references, which make it a unique and unforgettable work of art.

The collection’s central motif is inspired by the plan of the great opera houses, and its very name, Opera, evokes the arias of famous works by renowned Italian composers, like Giuseppe Verdi, Gioachino Rossini, Gaetano Donizetti, Ruggero Leoncavallo and Vincenzo Bellini. The connection with La Scala opera house in Milan is immediately evident. Buccellati was founded in the same city in 1919, where it opened its first boutique and has grown over the course of almost a century.

Today the city is still home to its artisanal production, conducted with the aid of hundreds of master jewellers specializing in engraving and setting precious stones.

Characterized by sinuous, fine lines and harmonious forms, with eye-catching decorative effects formed by alternating solids and voids, the collection is comprised of a wide range of pieces: bracelets, necklaces and chokers, rings, and earrings. The dimensions of the pieces are extremely variable and they are available in many combinations of different shades of gold, allowing them to satisfy all kinds of special requests.

Opera is a collection with great personality and an unmistakable style, which faithfully reflects the prestige, elegance and femininity typical of each Buccellati piece that have made the brand synonymous with style and timeless beauty throughout the world.


Icona Collection

Asserting that jewelry is an art, is a fact: it is one of the first products coming from the hands of man, together with weapons and represents the most ancient use man made of metal.

In rare moments, inspiration slips away the control of will and makes the work become true art. It is a pure source of creative imagination.

Goethe said that “Art exists in the moment you recognize it” and this can particularly be referred to every Buccellati jewel, where tradition, creative genius, hints of history and nature, architectural elements and beauty coexist to reach perfection.

The new ICONA designed by Andrea Buccellati gathers all the iconic designs and styles by Buccellati, confirming the artistic trend and development of this century-old brand, and is composed of the following lines:



With rings, bracelets, cuff bracelets, pendant earrings, all available in pink, yellow or white gold. All the jewels are entirely hand-engraved and are set with diamonds. The engraving of gold is the typical Buccellati signature for every object, and in this way the gold captures and gives off the light into thousands of wonderful reflections. This unique workmanship gives all Buccellati creations a silky texture and aspect, very much similar to precious fabric.



The natural elements, main inspiration of the Buccellati motifs, are stylized to reach a geometric shape. The design is inspired by Renaissance times and it is obtained through a skilled engraved openwork technique. The Rombi pattern is based on the combination of white and yellow gold, set with diamonds, and it is declined with rings, earrings and pendants. It represents a traditional and iconic design of the Hosue: an openwork workmanship composed of rhomboidal elements, which form a more complex design, maintaining elegance and an outstanding perfection of combinations.